Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Candle Holder Gets Quick New Makeover

This past weekend I had some time to myself to clean up the house and organize some of my favorite spaces. Last year I posted about my jewelry display in A & I's room (found HERE) and loved the way it allowed me to easily display my favorite accessories. Since I have become a nanny my office outfits are virtually non existent and so are my jewelry wearing days. Therefore turning my favorite jewelry space into a catch all for magazines, papers and god knows what else. Once organized I decided to spruce up my favorite candle holder turned jewelry display, with one of my favorite colors...GOLD.
What You'll Need:
1 Tiered Candle Holder (Can be any color, I used my black one)
Paint Markers (I used a gold sharpie brand marker, but other colors and brands work as well)
To start off I took one of A's paint markers (I think it was sharpie brand?) and added dots to the top plates with the marker. I ended up not liking the dots, they were too random and cutesy (or as A said they looked like a clown party hahaha) I then proceeded to color in each plate entirely gold. Next I added dots to the bottom "legs" in a more uniform pattern. I let the whole thing dry for about 10-15 minutes and the whole project including drying time took just under an hour. I ended up with a chic, classic new addition to my jewelry display and it didn't cost me a penny. If gold dots aren't your style you can totally add tribal print designs, geometric patterns or even cool pastel painted hearts. Let your mind wander! 



Besos, Cat