Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Peak at Tomorrow's Giveaway with Libi & Lola

So todays post will be short and sweet as I am overcoming the stomach flu. Let me tell you it is not fun! Although today I feel 100 times better (thankfully!). I am excited to share with you all a sneak peak at tomorrows giveaway. I have teamed up with Libi & Lola a local Bay Area company. They have the most adorable jewelry & collection of handbags a girl could ever ask for. The 2 ladies behind Libi & Lola (Megan & Ashlyn) are absolutely wonderful to work with! They are so sweet and helpful and even included a little surprise in my package. 
All details about the giveaway will available in tomorrows post here on the blog. Please stay tuned & don't forget to show these lovely ladies some love on their website found here.

PS: Simply 1 Love's giveaway does end tomorrow afternoon. So if you have not entered please enter & leave me a comment letting me know you've done so.

PSS: I have received a few emails regarding comments on Small Town Chic. No worries I have fixed the comment box & should now be up & running. Thanks for baring with me!!

Besos, Cat <3 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Adventures

Sunday's are the days A & I get to spend most of the day together. He's off & I don't have to be at work until 4. So me being the ADHD type of person that I am, wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere(since there was no football on today obviously hehe). So we decided to take a trip out to San Juan Bautista. If you have not been here before you must go! It's a really small one stoplight town with major antique stores (A's favorite! JK) & home of the San Juan Mission. If your an old movie buff you'll know that part of the 1958 movie Vertigo was filmed at the mission (has to be one of my favorite movies! Probably because I love SF & I grew up in the area haha). Anyways we had a nice time walking through town with Marley & of course me stopping in the stores while my boys waited outside.

I stopped in this cute little store that was going out of business, which had tons of  Dia De Los Muertos & Mexcian folk art in it. If you know me you know that I absolutley love anything that has to do with Day of the Dead! (I mean anthing!). I think ever since I went to a Dia De Los Muertos exhibit in San Jose that A's dad was a part of (he is an amazing artist btw) I have been obsessed. There is where I found out that my name in Spanish is one of the iconic symbols of Day of the Dead, La Catrina. I love anything that has to do with Calavera's and even want to finish off my arm with a tattoo of one ;) So when I walked into the store  about died! Needless to say it wasn't hard for me to fall in love with most everything in there. I finally settled on a Frida Kahlo switch plate cover (LOVE) and handmade sugar skull earrings. 

We finished off the trip by stoping in this amazing bakery to pick up cinnamon loaf bread and a few turnovers. Not a bad Sunday if you ask me!

*PS. Turban headband is handmade by me & can be found at my shop Simply 1 Love.

Besos, Cat <3

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Current Obsessions: Date Night & Animal Print

So I must admit I am loving A & I's weekly date nights. It allows us to get out of the house for a night & out of this small town ( I mean don't get me wrong I love where we live but it can ge pretty REALLY boring sometimes). So since he was feeling better we decided to make it a night out & bring the pup along for the ride (which he LOVES!). So we hopped in the car and made the trip to A's hometown which we don't live too far from & where most everything is. We made a few stops before dinner (#1 PICK UP SUPERBOWL 49ER HATS) & ended the night early since we both didn't feel 100% back to normal.

I have to admit I am also currently obsessed with animal print! I think if I could I would wear it 24/7 I would, but I know everyone would get sick of it & me haha. So I try to add a flair every once in awhile. Last night I added this awesome sweater I got from Kohl's & my go-to tan boots (I think I need a new pair, maybe in brown ;) hehe). Pretty cute date night outfit if I do say so myslef!

*PS please do not forget about the giveaway I have going in the previous post. All you have to do is follow the steps in the last post and your entered, it's that easy!! Definitely too easy not to :)

Jacket: Forever 21
Sweater: Kohl's
Scarf: China Town (SF) less than $5!!
Pants: Target (Yoga)
Boots: Qupid for Style's
Bracelet: Vintage
Earrings: Forever 21 (not pictured) similar HERE

Besos, Cat <3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Under the Weather & Giveaway by Simply 1 Love

So today's post will be short and sweet. A and I are quite under the weather today (him more than I). Needless to say today has been quite the lazy day, we both have been in our comfy clothes all day, laying on the couch watching movies & eating popcorn. It's nice to get to spend the entire day with my love which doesn't happen all too often with both of our work schedules.
I knew today I had to post an outfit despite the gloomy, rainy weather & both of us not feeling great. So I mustered up the energy to do my hair and put on one of my favorite lazy day outfits. Most of my lazy day outfits consist of leggings, boots or uggs & a sweater. On top of that I decided to throw on one of my hand knitted headbands I made this winter to wear in Yosemite. It's so cute & pulls any look together. I am so grateful to A for being my photographer this afternoon. Poor baby woke up long enough to take pictures of me & went straight back to bed.
I am so excited for this giveaway! One of my lucky readers will get a chance to win a custom "Oversized Bow Knit Headband" exclusively from my online shop Simply 1 Love (a $20 value). The winner will have a choice of color. Winner will be chosen Friday February 1st & be notified via post on Friday afternoon.
1.Must be a follower of Small Town Chic via Bloglovin' OR follow by email (both located in sidebar)
2.Like Simply 1 Love on Facebook
3.Follow Small Town Chic on 1 or more of the following:  Pinterest, Instagram (Simply1Love) or Twitter

4.LASTLY leave a comment in this post letting me know you've entered & leave the color you would like your headband in if you win.

*I will post the winner's name at the botom of my post on Friday afternoon February 1st.
Good luck!

Sweater: Forever 21
Jacket: Forever 21
Leggings: Kohl's
Boots: Style's for Less
Necklace: Vintage
Headband: Simply 1 Love (handmade by me)

Besos, Cat

Saturday, January 19, 2013

On Display!

So putting my jewelry on display has been a long time coming. Since we moved in I have had so many ideas for home decor and storage that I think if I did at least half of them our home would be neat & clean all year long. But since that isn't the case i'll share with you all one of my Pinterest inspired redos.

I was so tired of never wearing any jewelry because it was packed away in a box (yes sadly for 4 long months!). I felt like it was time to uncover the top of my messy dresser & display my beautiful jewelry for the world to see, or just me and Ale haha. So a few days ago I decided to grab a few key pieces I knew would show off my jewelry well & get to work. 

 First off   I picked  this iron 3 prong hook to hold my necklaces ( I imagine is intended to be used outdoors, but I felt that it was better suited for this project), the necklace and earring holder that my ever so loving boyfriend gave to me for my birthday (isn't it just adorable? girly & so me!) and this 5 tiered candle holder thrifted from my local goodwill some years back. That I have decided to display my post back earrings, bracelets & rings (although  am not much of a ring person anymore). The colors of the iron complement each other well and look so simple on my DIY pained white & seafoam green dresser(which reminds me I need to do a post on soon haha). The pictures in the back came from an outdoor flea market near the ferry building in San Francisco. Ale & I came across them on one of our many trips up there & I just has to have them. We both are MAJOR fans of street art & the sayings fit our realtionship perfectly (yes I know I am getting sappy on you guys! haha). But in all reality SF is one of the best places to find hidden gems in street art! We once came across a Banksy in Chinatown and about died, and yes I know most of you will not know what or who that is so I have included a picture of one his works for you ;)

Questions? Comments? Leave a comment below or email me 

Besos, Cat

and the Banksy ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Newely Added: Pin It Button

Being that I am new to the blogging world I am very limited in what I know about blogs & how to manage them, I learn most of what I know from other peoples blogs & the internet. So naturaly I came across a pin on pinterest, that needless to say got me pretty excited. It was a link to Primp My Blob by which has a ton of useful tips and tricks on how to edit blogs & make them more desirable to your reader (which lord knows I need haha). I guess what I'm trying to say is that I now don't feel like as much as a clueless teenager in the blogger world (hooray!!)

Enough of the blabbering, lets get down to business. I found a great article on how to add Pinterest's " pin it" button to posts and it's now been revealed to you all. I know what your thinking, FINALLY (or not haha). But it's the simple things in life that excite me & I hope they do you too :)

You can now find my "pin it" button at the bottom right hand corner of all posts (tiny blue button). Hope you are as excited as I am.(& I woudnt mind it you gave it a try hehe).  Happy pinning <3

Besos, Cat

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Classic & Effortless Look of the Day

Wow I am definitely lacking in posts for this week & I do admit time has gotten the best of me. I planned this post & look for Tuesday, but by the time my wonderful & loving photographer (aka most amazing boyfriend) came home from work it was a little late & a little too dark.
My Mom came to visit again on Tuesday & needless to say we went shopping, one of my favorite things to do of course. Mainly it was for craft supplies at Hobby Lobby (can you say AMAZING?!), but we did stop off at Home Goods & this awesome new find Kirkland's. It reminds me of a cheaper version of Pier 1 Imports. Everything was on sale & of course I found more than a few things I wanted to buy. I settled on this lovely neutral colored poncho for $15 & an adorable  cross-body fringe bag for about $7 (which the man says reminds him of an 1980's white person, whatever that means haha) All in all I would say it was a successful shopping trip.
I wore this outfit to work & dinner with the man's parents yesterday. It was dressy enough for work (I work as an office receptionist in a hotel) & classy enough for a night out in Santa Cruz. I added the necklace for a pop of color to this all neutral outfit.
Suggestions? Comments? Let me know what you think!!

Poncho: Kirkland's
Pants: Ross
Shirt: Gap
Necklace: Old
Boots: Style's for Less

Besos, Cat


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New member of Bloglovin'!

So i've just signed up for bloglovin (how exciting right? haha). It allows you all to follow my blog if you are intrested & I hope you are ;) Anyways just thought I would share with you all & I hope you stay tuned for tonights outfit post.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lazy Day & Game Day Outfit

So after date night last night I was a little more than tired. I almost feel bad to admit it, but I crawled into bed at 9:30 and was out by 10. The man & I went to this amazing resturant in Carmel by the Sea called Flaherty's. It's quaint & small and had the most amazing food. I had a few glasses of red wine (my favorite!!) and by time we were done with dinner I was so sleepy!

Needless to say I had a lazy day today since I did not have to be at work until 4 this afternoon. I cleaned the house like a mad woman and got in 49er gameday spirit! We are in the playoffs for the second year in a row and I wouldn't be caught dead without my 49er shirt. This outfit is super comfy & I LOVE how bright these jeans are. Hope you've enjoyed & GO NINERS! <3

Top: NFL Team Apparel (target)
Sweater: Forever 21
Jeans: JCREW
Flats: Target
Necklace: Forever 21